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Customise different Skins for Minecraft to create a Skin that completely fits your personality!

Skin Editor for Minecraft allows you to edit your Skins and apply them to Minecraft on all your other platforms. To do so you won’t even need BlockLauncher to use this app, even though it can be used if you prefer it.

The app comes with multiple different features that will definitely improve your Minecraft experience and will allow you to customise your skins to make it suit your personality. To create a new skin you can choose between the three default skins, Steve, Alex and Blank but also use random online ones, browse a catalogue, import skins from your gallery and even use other players’ skins from the internet by typing in their names.

Skin Editor for Minecraft has different tools that help you customise your skin easily, such as the pencil, bucket, eye dropper and a 3D hat feature so that you are able to create the perfect skin with all the features you wish. When creating your character you can rotate it in 6 different directions so you see how it looks from the top, bottom, front or side.

There are several different ways to export your skins. Once you’ve created the perfect one, you can export it directly to Minecraft Pocket Edition or to Block Launcher as well as to your gallery or to your email account. This way you will have your skin available at any time, anywhere.

Get Skin Editor for Minecraft now, customise your skin according to your taste and get a totally different Minecraft experience!

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